10 Holiday Gifts for Boaters

Check out these great 10 gift giving ideas for boaters!

As previously posted on Boats.com blog:

1. Multi-tool: Every boater should have at least one. The Leatherman SideKick is available on grandma’s favorite website, LL Bean. It comes in at $49.50 and sure comes in handy in an emergency.

2. You can never have too many Nitrile Medical Exam gloves. With all of the little painting and gluing projects any boat requires, they sure come in handy. They’re a great stocking stuffer at $18.99/box. Find ‘em at our ship store!

3. And speaking of painting, there are times when it’s just no fun to clean the brush, especially for a small job. If you have a case of foam brushes on hand, you can throw it out when the job is done.

4. But: every now and then, you’re going to do a varnishing job that deserves the ultimate brush, the kind of brush where you hear the angels singing when you pick it up. That’s the Epifanes brush. Keep it clean and it will last you a lifetime. $37.99

5. You need to cut a lot of things when you work on the boat. How about adding a pair of sheers to your tool collection that are a joy to look at, to hold, and to use? Wiss Shears (don’t call them scissors) are the ultimate. This is a family heirloom tool. Once you own them, you won’t know how you lived without them. $42.67

6. Sure, a diamond is forever. But so too is a Harbor Freight tool chest for the garage. It comes with plenty of drawers to organize all of your tools, so you can find what you need when you need it. And it’s on wheels so you can push it out to the driveway next to the boat while you do a project. It’s $388.89, but similar tool chests from other providers cost ten times more.

7. There are a lot of nasty chemicals involved in boat maintenance, so protect yourself with a 3M respirator.  It’s a great stocking stuffer as well as a lung saver.

8. Hand held VHF radio. The technology is getting higher and the prices are getting lower. This solid middle of the line model is just $139.99 and could really come in handy during an emergency. Copy that.

9. If you can’t be on the water for the winter, you might as well be looking at beautiful photos of people on the water. Onne van der Wal’s book Sailing is filled with buttery, beautiful boating imagery from around the world. $100.

10. Gift certificate to Irwin Marine. You just can’t go wrong with this one, as there’s always something more you need from the Ship Store.

Now, don’t forget: print this list and duct-tape it somewhere obvious. Happy shopping!