Irwin Marine offers the newest pontoon brand: Barletta Pontoons!

Irwin Marine offers the newest pontoon brand:  Barletta Pontoons!

Irwin Marine, located in Laconia, Alton and Hudson, NH, is proud to offer its customers another choice in its pontoon lineup!  We’re very happy to add Barletta Pontoon Boats! Why did we choose Barletta Pontoon Boats? They offer the most standards, the highest quality, and the most well-thought out floorplans and amenities of any pontoon boat in the industry.

In 2017 Barletta Pontoon Boats started with a blank canvas, allowing them to do things differently than what has been done repeatedly. They’ve taken advantage of every opportunity to simplify the process of building and purchasing a pontoon boat. Items that SHOULD be standard on a pontoon boat, ARE standard on a Barletta Pontoon Boat. In fact, Barletta Pontoon Boats have the most standard amenities in the industry…with just the right amount of options.

Bill Irwin says, “We’re very excited to partner with Barletta Boats!  We were impressed with their forward thinking, attention to detail and the motivation to produce the BEST pontoon boat for their customers.  We know that our customers will LOVE these pontoons boats.  We’re looking forward to working with Barletta now and into the future, to bring their pontoons onto our New Hampshire lakes.”

Barletta L-Class has a classic and stylish rail-set, ultra-soft and ultra-comfortable furniture, a sleek helm loaded with technology and leg-room, pet-friendly amenities…the list goes on and on.

Barletta E-Class is offered at a price-point one step lower than the L-Class while maintaining much of the same DNA.

“We are building pontoon boats that will make a difference in the industry, and ultimately, in your family’s experience. We are building pontoon boats that will make a difference in the industry, and ultimately, in your family’s experience. My goal is not to be the biggest pontoon boat manufacturer in the industry; my goal is to be the best pontoon boat manufacturer in the industry. “Bill French, President & Co-Owner, Barletta Boat Company, LLC

Why Barletta Pontoon Boats are the right choice for your family:

  • Customer Focus 
  • Experienced Boat-Builders– Our leadership team brings over 150 years of RV/Marine experience to Barletta Pontoon Boats.
  • Simple, yet Refined Products– Our boats have the most standard amenities in the industry, with just the right amount of available choices to personalize your Barletta.
  • Quality & Construction– We have selected the best materials, with the best value, and have partnered with the best providers.
  • Raising the Quality Bar– During production, every inch of our boats will be subject to the most robust quality-control processes in the industry. Once cleared for shipping, our boats will go through an ADDITIONAL independent, comprehensive White Glove PDI process. Barletta Pontoon Boats is the only pontoon boat manufacturer in the industry doing this!
  • The Best Dealers in the Industry
  • Unequaled Customer Service– We will work together with you and your dealer to do everything in our power to ensure you and your family never miss time on the water due to a parts or warranty issue.

“Regarding the V.I.P. Technology and the ride of the pontoon boats. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and the way the boats are constructed gives one of the smoothest, quietest rides that I’ve ever been on. Customers and dealers alike have commented on the ride.”  Jeffrey Roth, Vice-President of Marketing, Barlettta Boat Company LLC

If you’ve taken the time to read this press release, you know why Irwin Marine has chosen Barletta Boat Company to partner with.  Their attention to detail, quality of their product and their goal of producing the best quality pontoon in the industry.  We would like to invite the public to come see the latest pontoon technology, Barletta Pontoon Boats!