Irwin Marine welcomes the newest member of it’s family: BARLETTA PONTOONS!

The Barletta L23UC

The much anticipated arrival of the newest member of the Irwin Marine family has happened today! The Barletta L23UC is now at home, in it’s dock in Laconia! Viewing may now take place, at your leisure! Come see the newest member of the Irwin Marine family!

Introducing the Barletta L-Class

Sturdy, cutting-edge construction meets refined luxury. Whether you are looking for a boat that will last, a boat that will perform, a boat that will provide you with all the latest and greatest creature comforts available, or all three…the Barletta L-Class Pontoon Boats will check all the boxes.

Introducing the Barletta E-Class

Affectionately referred to as the “little brother” to the Barletta L-Class, the E-Class is offered at a price-point one step lower than the L-Class while maintaining much of the same DNA. More standards, simple yet refined options, comfort, quality and excellent customer experience.

Why Barletta?

Customer focus, experienced boat builders and simple, yet refined products are just a few reasons why Barletta Pontoon Boats is the right choice for you and your family.