Irwin Marine’s Smart Boat Buying Guide

Every year new boat buyers ask when is the best time to buy a new boat. When we tell them fall most people are left scratching their heads. After all – why buy a boat when you cannot use it for another four to six months? This is a common misconception that most new boat owners have.

Here’s a few tips if you’re thinking about buying a boat.

What’s the best time of year to buy a boat?

Boat manufacturers build boats year-round.  While demand peaks in the summer it would be impossible to mass product boats only during that time to meet demand.  Because they must level their production throughout the year, they offer their largest discounts in the fall to create sales when demand is at its lowest.  So yes, fall is the BEST time to purchase a new boat, even better than at the boat show! Waiting until the beginning of the summer to buy the older model may backfire in a year like 2018, when boats have been selling quickly.  The boat you had your heart set on may be gone!

How much will I save by purchasing in the fall?

Fall rebates can be up to $10,000, depending on the model.  In addition to that, boat show rebates are up to $5,000 (depending on the model)!  With these savings being offered to early fall buyers, you get the lowest pricing available on 2018 model year boats, guaranteed!

Does buying a boat in the fall affect my trade-in value?

Waiting to buy in the spring means your trade-in is a year older.  We recommend that trading in your boat during the fall, before your boat loses another year of value.  With the possibility of no fall service and winter storage costs, the savings can really add up!

What other benefits do I get from buying in the fall?

Buying in the fall is the ONLY way to guarantee that your customized boat will be ready to hit the water in the spring when you are.  Buying in the fall allows you to customize your boats color and options and create the boat that will align with your family’s style.  Waiting until the boat show will cause your order to get backed up until spring, therefore delaying the time of delivery.  Don’t be disappointed, buy in the fall! We have several models on the water ready to go. There really isn’t a better way to find out which model is the perfect fit!



Best time to buy

  • Lowest price of the season
  • Rebates up to $15,000, depending on model (includes show rebates)
  • Top trade-in value & winter storage on us
  • Guaranteed spring delivery
  • Choice of color & options


Great time to buy

  • Rebates up to $5,000 (varies by model)
  • Mid-summer delivery
  • Choose your colors & options


Good time to buy

  • In-stock inventory
  • Limited rebates & incentives




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