The world’s most exciting sailboat.

Julian Bethwaite’s brainchild combines a strict one-design with lightweight, high-tech construction. The 49er is a premier Olympic class sailing skiff, built for extreme speed and is now available to all. Expect to pick-up serious knots for an incredible sailing experience. With a strong International class organization in place, the 49er is a regular at events around the world.


  • Length : 16.00 ft / 4.88 m
  • Beam : 8.00 ft / 2.44 m
  • Draft : 4.90 ft / 1.49 m
  • Mainsail Area : 215.00 ft / 19.97 m
  • Jib Area : 54.00ft / 5.02 m
  • Spinnaker : 538.00 ft / 49.98 m
  • Hull Weight : 176.00 lb / 79.83 kg
  • Capacity : 2 people
  • Skill Level : advanced-expert
  • Race Level : national-olympic
  • Optimal Weight : 300/360 lb / 136/163 kg
  • Transport : trailer


Standard Features


  • The ram vang, pushing down on the boom, saves the mast from inverting and creates space forward under the boom.
  • A high boom allows an easy run from wing to wing in the tacks and gibes.
  • A solid wing makes for easy moving around the boat.
  • Wings slide inboard for storage and trailering.
  • The self-tacking jib runs on a curved traveler spanning the deck in front of the mast.
  • Pulling the halyard extends the carbon fiber spinnaker pole, pulls the tack and hoists the spinnaker.
  • Pulling the other end releases the halyard, pulls the spinnaker into its chute and retracts the pole.
  • Plexus, a tough Methacrylate adhesive, bonds the spinnaker throat to deck.



Please contact us for pricing on the 49er at 1-800-966-SAIL or Info.NorthAmerica@LaserPerformance.com.

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