Laser 2000


Active gennaker racing series for all.
Celebrating more than a decade, the Laser 2000 has proved itself as both a club racer and family cruiser. It is a lovely and forgiving boat that provides exhilarating gennaker sailing for both novice and advanced sailors.

Its easy to reef mainsail, furling jib and storage boxes make it an ideal family cruising boat, while the easy to hoist and drop gennaker, and easy to adjust vang and cunningham make it great for racing. This boat truly provides the best of both worlds.


  • LOA : 14.57 ft / 4.44 m
  • Beam : 5.81 ft / 1.77 m
  • Draft : 3.94 ft / 1.20 m
  • Spinnaker : 108.93 ft / 10.12 m
  • Hull Weight : 308.64 lb / 140.00 kg
  • Capacity : 1-3 people
  • Skill Level : beginner-advanced
  • Race Level : club-national
  • Optimal Weight : 331/397 lb – 150/180 kg
  • Transport : trailer
  • Jib Area : 32.72 ft / 3.04 m
  • Mainsail Area : 93.22 ft / 8.66 m


Standard Features

Specifications are subject to change without notice


  • The Laser 2000 has Vela gray topsides with a Vela gray deck and white sails.


  • Auto-ratchet blocks on gennaker and mainsheet automatically switch on or off depending on the wind’s strength.
  • Body-contoured side decks provide comfortable seating positions for the crew.
  • Deep cockpit for a comfortable sit-in feel, with enough room for 1-4 people.
  • Dry storage compartments keep small items from getting wet.
  • Flared hull deflects any spray away from the crew for a drier ride.
  • Furling jib easily rolls away and encased furling mechanism prevents gennaker from snagging.
  • High boom provides plenty of headroom for the crew.
  • Kicking strap and cunningham lines feed to either side of the cockpit for easy adjustment when sailing single-handed or with a beginner crew.
  • Large active Class Association provides class racing, cruising and training.
  • Lightweight foam sandwich hull construction provides superb rigidity at a fraction of the weight of other hull materials or construction methods.
  • Maxaerofoil rudder for positive handling and control.
  • Mylar mainsail with a reefing point helps crew easily de-power the sail in strong weather conditions.
  • Padded hiking straps for comfort when hiking.
  • Self-draining cockpit keeps crew dry and drains quickly if boat capsizes.
  • Single line hoist gennaker system allows easy gennaker launching.

Optional Features


  • Available trapeze option for alternative activity.