Laser SB3


Ultimate racing boat built for the power of three
Designed by Tony Castro, the Laser SB3 is an exhilarating and fast three-person sport boat. It’s modern and powerful rig makes it excellent for one-design and sport boat racing. Keelboat stiffness ensures a great ride downwind in a heavy breeze. Dinghy-like performance offers tactical and close racing.K

Perks of the SB3 include a high-tech x-ply Mylar mainsail and jib, a “sit-in” cockpit for onboard communication and a level playing field and adjustable rig with a fixed forestay.


  • LOA :20.34 ft / 6.20 m
  • Beam : 6.89 ft / 2.10 m
  • Draft : 4.92 ft / 1.50 m
  • Spinnaker : 495.14 ft / 46.00 m
  • Hull Weight : 1399.92 lb / 635.00 kg
  • Capacity : 3-4 people
  • Skill Level : intermediate-advanced
  • Race Level : club-international
  • Transport : trailer
  • Crew Weight : 595 lb / 270 kg
  • Mainsail Area : 193.75 ft / 18.00 m
  • Jib Area : 100.10 ft / 9.30 m


Standard Features

Specifications are subject to change without notice


  • Additional space for crew maneuvers with the Gnav system.
  • Class no-hiking rule-race results rely on skills and tactics and not on fitness
  • Comfortable wide-open cockpit with clear uncluttered controls.
  • Identical boats with strict one-design class rules for hull rig and sails ensure close competition and low running costs.
  • Lifting keel for easy launch and recovery-tows like a dream.
  • Low aspect keel and high ballast ratio for a very stiff and stable sports boat.
  • Mast raising and lowering made simple-rig-able and ready to sail in under an hour.
  • Maximum crew weight limit for close competition.
  • Modern powerful rig and high aspect gennaker keep sheet loads to a minimum.
  • Sit-in bars prevent hiking and promote on-board communication.
  • Sports boat sailing for a crew of three or four (subject to weight limit).
  • Unprecedented class race circuit sponsorship.

Optional Features


  • The Laser SB3 comes with a Vela gray hull and deck; mainsail and jib are white and spinnaker is available in white or yellow.