FourStroke 15 HP


Go anywhere with portable power.
Taking the fun with you is one of the great advantages of owning an inflatable boat or small fishing boat. Mercury offers a complete line of extremely light portable FourStroke outboards, with the widest range of models to choose from. So wherever you and your boat go, your Mercury portable FourStroke can also go. The entire line makes operation and portability easy with smart, simple features. Plus, clean, quiet, fuel-efficient FourStroke performance makes them the obvious power of choice.


Engine Specs

  • Engine Type : inline 2
  • Displacement (CID/CC) : 21.4 / 351
  • Full Throttle RPM Range : 5000-6000
  • Fuel Induction System : 2 valves per cylinder, single overhead cam (SOHC)
  • Alternator Amp : 12 amp / 138 watt
  • Recommended Fuel : 87% octane/up to 10% ethanol
  • Recommended Oil : Mercury FourStroke Oil 10W-30
  • Engine Protection Operator Warning System : Low oil pressure, Over-rev
  • Starting : Electric, Manual
  • Steering : Remote, Tiller
  • Gearcase Ratio : 2.15:1
  • Dry Weight * Lightest model available : 115lbs / 52kg
  • CARB Star Rating : 3
  • Bore & Stroke (in/mm) : 2.40 x 2.36″ / 61 x 60 mm
  • Ignition : CDI w/electronic spark advance
  • Fuel System : Carbureted
  • Cooling System : Water-cooled with thermostat
  • Gear Shift : F-N-R
  • Gearcase options: Standard
  • Trim system: Power Tilt
  • Trim Positions : 6
  • Exhaust System : Though prop
  • Shallow Water Drive : Yes
  • Remote Fuel Tank : 6.6 gal / 25 L
  • color: Phantom Black


  • HP/Kw: 15 / 11.1
  • Shaft Length : 15 in (381 mm) / 20 in (508mm)
  • Shallow Water Trim Range : 16 degrees


Standard Features

Specifications are subject to change without notice


Electrical support.

A high-output alternator keeps batteries charged and fishing electronics humming.

Great acceleration / more torque.

Compact but powerful, Mercury ® 15 – 30hp FourStroke outboards feature extra displacement and outstanding low-end torque that put a boat smartly on plane.

Dependable starts and performance.

Battery-free Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) on Mercury 25 – 30hp FourStroke models delivers consistently easy starting, crisp throttle response, increased fuel economy and outstanding overall performance.

The Mercury-exclusive Primer and Fast Idle systems start our 15 – 20hp FourStrokes fast and easy – hot or cold – and aren’t affected by variable fuel quality.

More Thrust.

Mercury ® ProKicker outboards feature a deeper gearcase and a four-blade, high-thrust propeller with matching gear ratio – the perfect setup for trolling and precise control in all conditions.

Power Tilt.

The fastest power tilt in the industry drops a Mercury 9.9 – 15hp ProKicker FourStroke outboard into the water in just five seconds. Exclusive kicker-centering straps align and secure the outboard in full tilt-up position while you’re underway.

Total Single-Handed Tiller Control.

Tiller-steered versions feature the exclusive Mercury multifunction tiller that puts shifting, throttle control (with friction for fine-tuned trolling), stopping, tilting and steering in the palm of your hand.

Defining Durability.

The ProKicker gearcase is engineered to be rugged and durable, with robust gears and bearings and a heavy-duty skeg that’s 55% thicker and twice as strong side-to-side as the previous gearcase.

Reliable and Easy Starts.

Exclusive Primer and Fast Idle systems get Mercury 9.9 – 15hp ProKicker FourStroke outboards started fast – hot or cold – even if poor-quality fuel becomes a factor. Just push the primer button and go.

The exclusive push-button Primer and Fast Idle systems on the Mercury 8 – 9.9hp FourStroke engines deliver an easy start with quick warm-up. And it doesn’t struggle with poor-quality gas, unlike auto-choke systems used on some outboards.

  • Convenient Trim Ratcheting: The 8 and 9.9hp models come standard with both ratcheting trim and tilt lock. The ratcheting trim allows you to easily trim the motor up to the height you need. When you’re ready to tilt the engine down, the tilt lock will keep it at your selected angle.
  • Fingertip Control: Mercury Fourstrokes are designed with a boat load of user-friendly features, such as our multifunction tiller handle. This tiller handle gives you easy one-handed operation of shifting, stopping, throttle, throttle friction, and tilt. More control equals better maneuverability.
  • Kick it up a Notch. – The 9.9hp Mercury ProKicker features a compact, integrated power tilt and a heavy-duty transom bracket for maximum strength, speed, and durability. – Additionally, the 9.9hp ProKicker sports an updated graphics package designed to complement the OptiMax Pro XS and Verado outboards. Installed next to a Pro XS or Verado outboard, the improved ProKicker graphics will make your rig stand out from the rest of the pack. – Patented Centering Straps. Holds the engine straight without additional hold-downs when running in rough conditions or trailering (Standard on Tiller Pro Kickers).
  • Lightweight Portable Champions: The lightest engine in its class, the 8 and 9.9hp outboards come in at a scant 83 pounds. These outboards are a perfect fit for a wide range of small boat applications.