Verado Four-Cylinder 150 HP


You have to live it to believe it.

When Mercury set out to engineer the perfect outboard engine, we questioned everything: every number, every scenario, every detail. The result? Verado┬«, the world’s most reliable and advanced propulsion system. The four-cylinder Verado – the smaller, but equally high-performing member of the family – delivers an amazing driving experience, superior reliability, jaw-dropping power and acceleration, and the quietest, smoothest ride ever produced by an outboard.


Engine Specs

  • Displacement (CID/cc) : 105.7 / 1732
  • Cylinder/Configuration : Inline 4, 16-valve direct acting double overhead cam (DOHC)
  • Bore & Stroke (in/mm) : 3.23 x 3.23in / 82 x 82mm
  • Fuel System : Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Fuel Induction System : Sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection (EFI)
  • Cooling System : Water-cooled with thermostat
  • Full Throttle RPM Range : 5800-6400
  • Ignition System : SmartCraft PCM Digital Inductive
  • Starting : Smart Start Electric
  • Alternator Amp : 70 amp / 882 watt
  • Gear Shift : SmartCraft DTS F-N-R
  • Steering : Big Tiller Compatible Electro-hydraulic power steering
  • Trim System : Power trim and tilt with SmartCraft programmable tilt
  • Counter Rotation : Available
  • CARB Star Rating : 2
  • Remote Fuel Tank : optional
  • Exhaust System : Though prop
  • Air Induction System : Supercharged with charge air cooling and electronic boost pressure contro
  • Compatible with Smartcraft Digital Technology : Yes
  • Dry Weight * Lightest model available : 510lbs / 231kg
  • Engine Protection Operator Warning System : SmartCraft Engine Guardian
  • Gearcase Options : 4.8″ (2.08:1)
  • Recommended Fuel : 87 octane/up to 10% ethanol


  • HP/Kw @ Prop : 150 / 112
  • Shaft Length : 20 in (508 mm) / 25 in (635mm)
  • Recommended Oil : Mercury Verado Oil
  • Shallow Water Trim Range : 20 degrees


Standard Features

Specifications are subject to change without notice


  • Awesome Torque: Verado’s Supercharged System delivers the torque big boats need for immediate planing, superior mid-range acceleration, and sustained planing at lower speeds.
  • Built Tough: Verado’s unique Long Bolt Engine Design provides ultimate durability by keeping the powerhead in a constant state of compression. The extra-long bolts (which pass through the bedplate, block, and cylinder) are supported by rubber dampening elements to minimize the effects of engine vibration.
  • Economy, Not Compromise: An enhanced power train gives you increased fuel efficiency and power without sacrificing reliability. Its robust design features forged pistons, precision-machined oil dams, eccentric grooved crankshaft main bearings, a unique intake cam profile, and an enchanced PCM (power control module) calibration.
  • Long-Lasting Gearcase: The Verado gearcase was built to withstand high torque and speed, with unmatched impact protection. Also, only Mercury features Dual Water Inlets, including our patented low water pickup located on the front tip of the torpedo, ensuring a consistent flow of cooling water. The location of competitors’ pickups can prevent their engines from receiving a strong flow of cooling water due to weeds or air pockets.
  • Maintenance-Free Valve Train: Unlike many competitors’ four-strokes, Verado’s durable valve train stays maintenance-free for life, thanks to a unique and robust overhead cam design.
  • More Air, More Power: The intake cam provides better top-end power by significantly improving airflow, allowing the engine to produce more power while working less.
  • Smooth, Precise Handling: The four-cylinder Verado’s optional Mercury Power Steering system can virtually eliminate the steering torque felt with competitive outboards – while delivering a precise steering feel that’s unique to Verado.
  • Superior Combustion: The unique Verado Charge Air Cooler teams with the supercharger to deliver superior holeshot and acceleration by cooling the compressed air before it enters the combustion chambers. In addition, the Verado injection-molded Intake Manifold increases torque and power by delivering higher levels of airflow. As a result of all this, combustion is more complete, intense, efficient, and powerful.
  • Superior Corrosion Protection: Salt demands more. That’s why Mercury uses more stainless steel components than our competitors, as well as our exclusive low-copper XK 360 aluminum alloy that provides industry-leading protection against saltwater corrosion. The Verado supercharger features a marine-grade anodized aluminum housing. To top it all off, Verado is equipped with protective sacrificial anodes for superior protection at every level.
  • Ultimate Control: The SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) System delivers automotive-like control, instant throttle response and smooth shifting by eliminating the hesitation of traditional mechanical cable systems. More than 50,000 hours of testing and nearly a decade of consumer use make DTS the most rigorously proven control system on the water.
  • Unbelievably Quiet: The Verado multi-chambered Intake Sound Attenuator not only reduces overall noise by up to 14 decibels, it also tunes the engine sound to a more pleasing tone. Acoustic foam lining along the upper cowling and lower cowl absorbs high-frequency engine and driveshaft noise for a best-in-class sound rating.