Wake Pro 215


Designed to give you the best possible tow sports experience. With the largest engine in the Sea-Doo Tow Sport watercraft lineup, plus our exclusive S3 Hull for added stability when towing wakeskaters and wakeboarders. And there’s a host of other tow-sport-specific features. All of them make it easier to say “Yes” each time you get asked, “Can we go again?”



Standard Features


  • ICONTROL -The “Brain’’ that integrates and controls all systems to create the best possible ride.
  • S³ HULL -Stepped, stable, & strong. The stepped design reduces drag and keeps you glued to the water.
  • TOURING/SPORT MODE -Offers a choice between two throttle responses for different riding styles. Touring mode is the default setting, offering a more progressive acceleration curve for a more confident ride – ideal for cruising and 2-up riding. Sport mode can be easily activated using the Sport button. It provides all acceleration performance for a more aggressive throttle response.
  • ECO MODE -The iTC function that automatically determines the most economical power delivery and sets the optimal RPM for greatest fuel economy.
  • FOOTWELL CARPETS -Offer extra comfort, non-skid surface, and great looks.
  • 3-UP SEAT -Comfortable room for three – permits rear-facing spotter for watersports.
  • HINGED SEAT -Easy-open seat with convenient stay-open support struts. Provides easy access to the engine compartment while remaining attached to the watercraft.
  • FOLD-DOWN REBOARDING STEP -Makes reboarding from the water easier and quicker.
  • WATERTIGHT, REMOVABLE STORAGE BIN -Provides dry storage for luggage and necessities with easy access.
  • TILT STEERING -Four adjustable steering angles for maximum ease and comfort.
  • MULTIFUNCTION DIGITAL INFORMATION CENTER -Reports 27 key operating functions:

    Fuel level, Tachometer, Speedometer, Hour meter,
    Compass, Clock, Cruise control, Ski mode, Slow
    mode, Fuel consumption meter, Touring / Sport mode,
    ECO mode, VTS preset, F-N-R indicator, and more.

  • DIGITALLY ENCODED SECURITY SYSTEM (D.E.S.S.™) -Industry’s first digitally encoded theft-deterrent system.
  • OFF-THROTTLE ASSISTED STEERING (O.T.A.S.™) -Provides the operator with additional steering effect in off-throttle situations for greater maneuverability.
    Quick-latch fuel filler design
    Swim platform carpet with Sea-Doo logo
    Reboarding handles on rear platform
    Rear grab handle
    Dual drain plugs
    External exhaust cooling flush attachment
    Emergency floating lanyard
    Seat strap
    Wide-angle adjustable mirrors
    Operator’s guide, instructional video and booklet


  • IBR (INTELLIGENT BRAKE & REVERSE) SYSTEM -The world’s only on-water braking system, iBR lets you stop up to 100 feet sooner than any other watercraft. All with the squeeze of a lever. And with its electronic reverse, it gives you a level of maneuverability that makes docking easier.
  • STAINLESS STEEL IMPELLER -Delivers improved acceleration, higher top speed, and less cavitation.

  • SPEED-BASED SKI MODE -This advanced iControl feature allows the driver to adjust the intensity of the launch for different rider skill levels and tow sports while maintaining a constant speed. You get 5 acceleration profiles for the best possible tow sports experience.
  • 3-POSITION RETRACTABLE SKI PYLON -Retractable, so it’s there when you’re pulling someone and out of the way when you’re not. Also features spotter hand grips and rope storage
  • REMOVABLE WAKEBOARD RACK -Provides easy transport of a wakeboard to the ride site.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE ELECTRIC VTS (VARIABLE TRIM SYSTEM) – Provides pre-set positions for quick settings when adjusting boat trim, maximizes acceleration and high-speed stability.
  • WAKE GRAPHICS -Exclusive to the Wake models.

Optional Features


  • Depth finder
  • Time / distance to empty
  • Top / average speed / RPM
  • Lap timer
  • Engine temperature
  • Removable dry bag for front storage
  • Glove box organizer
  • Safety kit
  • Additional wakeboard rack
  • Sandbag anchor
  • Speed Tie™
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Sea-Doo MOVE trailer
  • Storage cover


BRP limited warranty covers the watercraft for one year.