Quiet Ride


“We wanted to develop something that could dramatically change how our vessels sounded. We were already the quietest on the market, but we knew there were ways we could achieve more than that. So, that’s where it started. You can’t really pin Quiet Ride down to one specific technology. In general, it’s making vessels’ sound quality better through various techniques of noise reduction and acoustics with a goal of trying to enable a normal conversation without aversive noises to interrupt you.”
-J. Cliff Denson / Director of Engineering at Sea Ray Product Development & Engineering

Key Features

  • Patented Tuned Transom from Omni Products Inc. that reduces noise and vibration created by engine and drive
  • Special inner laminate material in the hull, deck and liner that reduces noise and vibration from water hitting the hull
  • Precise engineering and fit and finish of components to reduce noise and vibration throughout the boat
  • Full-beam bulkheads and acoustical insulation to trap and absorb noise and vibration before they can enter the cockpit


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Standard Features

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