Mountain tMotion Suspension


This one may be even more revolutionary than the tMotion suspension. Radical in concept, the tMotion suspension is integral to the Summit sled’s deep powder maneuverability. Its split from arm and swiveling rear drop link enable the tMotion suspension to flex slightly when the driver starts banking. Not only does this require less effort to initiate the move, but it also makes it totally predictable. It climbs instantly on plane and churns powder more efficiently. And a very rising-rate shock motion ratio smooths the junk on the way to the powder, and has more capability for big bumps and drops.


SC-5M: Designed primarily for mountain riding with light weight and outstanding transfer. Easily climbs on top of powder and is comfortable and controlled on bumpy trails.
SC-5M 2: A more capable version of the SC-5M suspension with a more rising-rate rear shock motion ratio that is ready to cushion nasty bumps and drops. On Freeride sleds, it includes key reinforcements and four rear idler wheels.
S-36 HANDLING PACKAGE: A narrow 36-in wide ski stance (adjustable from 35.7 in to 37.4 in), softer sway bar and longer center shock make rolling the sled in boondocking easier than ever