With the MX Z sled, we claim total bump supremacy. With the REV-X platform and rMotion rear suspension you won’t avoid Sunday afternoon trails, you’ll crave them. Choose the 2013 MX Z TNT sled with the Rotax E-TEC 800R engine, and make a statement with its aggressive new REV-XS body style.


REV-XS body style (TNT E-TEC 800R only)
Not only is the new REV-XS styling aggressive – a more rounded cab edge lets you get more forward and to the side to attack the corners.You’ll also be warmer in just the right places with the new cab shape
Rotax 4-TEC 1200 Engine
Plenty of low-end torque from this performance four-stroke makes short work of just about any trail. 130+ horsepower shortens lakes. Refined performance sound.
Rotax E-TEC engines
Our revolutionary E-TEC technology delivers power AND fuel efficiency in lightweight, two-stroke configurations. The E-TEC 600 H.O. engine is the industry’s best-selling 600, and the E-TEC 800R owns its class’ horsepower.
REV-X platform
rMotion rear suspension (TNT only)
The next generation of great suspension performance with superb bump absorption, comfort and control in all conditions – due to its most rising-rate motion ratio and industry-best travel. And its broad sweet spot means that you’ll get premium performance, ride after ride.


eDrive 20drive clutch (4-TEC 1200 only)
More responsive acceleration and long-term durability from this all-new clutch for powerful 4-stroke engines. Thanks to the flat powerband of the 4-TEC 1200 engine.
REV-XP X seat (TNT only)
More sleekly shaped seat gives in-season TNT model the look of the X-package.1.3 gal/5 L of storage in the rear.
HPG Plus shocks
High-quality KYB aluminum body shocks flat out perform. Rebuildable and revalvable.
MX Z Sport: Great value
You can get the nearly telepathic handling, rough trail dominance and sporty look of the MX Z sled at an outstanding price with the Sport package. Choose the Rotax 600 Carb or 550 Fan engines for the ultimate value. Or get the ACE 600 4-stroke for its industry-leading fuel efficiency and low maintenance.