Making a choice means eliminating options. But what if both options are fun and exciting? What if you crave the adrenaline rush of dissecting a twisty trail AND the freedom of twisting your way through the backcountry? Then there’s only one choice: ride a 2013 Renegade sled.


rMotion rear suspension
Performance as versatile as the Renegade sled, delivering comfort and control from ripples to craters, corners to meadows. The most travel in the industry is complemented by a totally rising-rate motion ratio. No sacrifice of storage space or style, as it fits neatly inside the tunnel.
REV-X platform
Outstanding balance, precision handling, light weight and the ideal riding position in all conditions are the hallmarks of our sleds’ core design.
Rotax 2-stroke engines
More than 163 hp with the E-TEC 800R engine, the fun and dependability of the E-TEC 600 H.O. engine, and the economy of the 600 Carb and 550 Fan engines. Each lightweight, reliable and matching a power level and price point.
Rotax 4-stroke engines
You get all the benefits of a Rotax 4-stroke whether you choose the performance 4-TEC 1200 engine or the friendly and fuel-sipping ACE 600.


16 x 137 x 1.75-in Powder Max (Backcountry only)
Just the right height lugs for traction in moderately deep snow and on trails. Exclusive 16-in wide design adds flotation and traction without compromising trail handling
REV-XP X seat – storage
It not only adds a more aggressive style, but is shaped for both sit-down and stand-up riding styles. Bring along essentials inside the 1.3 gal/5 L storage trunk.
HPG Plus shocks
These KYB high-pressure gas shocks are extremely capable in all riding styles, and lightweight for added performance.
eDrive 2 drive clutch (4-TEC 1200 only)
With six arms instead of three, special materials and machined surfaces, this new primary is ideally matched to the low-end torque and power curve of the 4-TEC 1200 engine, ensuring quick response and durability over the long haul.