More fun with less effort. The ability to go places you never thought. Carving lines through trees your buddies have second thoughts about. It’s all yours when you reach for a 2013 Summit Sled.


REV-X Platform
At the heart of every Summit sled is the balanced, strong and lightweight REV-X platform. And the driver-centered ergonomics are the basis of the sled’s easy boondocking.
REV-XM body style (SP E-TEC 800R only)
More than a modern and aggressive new style, the REV-XM panels are designed with less resistance to rolling and to slide efficiently through powder.
Rotax 2-stroke engines
The exciting 163+ hp E-TEC 800R engine makes for the best power-to-weight ratio in the segment, while the ultra efficient
E-TEC 600 H.O. and PowerT.E.K. 800R (150+ hp) engines
add high-tech, high-performance, high-value options.
Specialized ergonomics (SP E-TEC 800R only)
Everything around the driver was rethought and redesigned for the athletic mountain riding style. A more forward foot position (8 added inches) on running board gives the driver more leverage and makes possible extremely technical moves. All controls are moved and redesigned to stay out of the way. A flat-mount gauge is easy to read while standing.
tMotion suspension FlexEdge track (SP E-TEC 800R only)
The tMotion system flexes slightly in the chassis, as do the edges of the track (thanks to 12-in reinforcing rods across the 16-in wide tracks), making roll up easier and predictable.


REV-XM running board (SP E-TEC 800R only)
Your footing will be secure, even in bottomless powder, as we increased the snow evacuation hole area by 87% and added a three-times stiffer edge extrusion with boot grips
Warm glove box (SP E-TEC 800R only)
Spare gloves, goggles, GPS, whatever you want to have handy – a new glove box warmed by the engine compartment will keep it safe
Narrow ski stance
Reducing the ski stance to just 35.7 in reduces the effort required to carve and maneuver the Summit sled in deep snow. The low center of gravity of the REV-X platform means there’s no trade-off in trail handling.
Summit Sport: Great Value
A Summit sled with today’s technology and a 150+ hp, fuel-efficient engine for the same price as 10 years ago? Believe it with the Summit Sport package with Rotax PowerT.E.K. 800R engine. The fun Summit Sport sled with our 600 Carb engine is even less