Great visit! Highly recommended dealership and service center! Go see Joe over at the Alton Bay Shop and get your watersport season started. Thanks Joe! And everyone at Irwin Marine for the new Trixx

Colby D. 07/11/2022

Purchased a used boat on consignment. Everyone we dealt with was great. Would definitely recommend Irwin!

Beth McGuire 16/11/2022

We want to thank Dan Littlefield the manager for getting back to us about our boat. We wish to also thank the mechanics who actually did the repairs. And to Stephanie Mobbs who took our phone calls to get the job done. Dan and his excellent staff did a fabulous job and we stand behind them wholeheartedly. We can’t thank them enough. For a job well done we want to again say thank you. We owe you a great debt of gratitude and wish to show our appreciation. Some people complain about service, but here they are first rate.

Mr. and Mrs. Bertelsen 16/11/2022

It’s easy to sell about these days but when it’s done with honesty and integrity for the customer first that’s always welcomed. After that because boats are not made in heaven what happens after the sale is just as important. Jason in sales was a great representative for Irwin and treated me great during that process. Rob in service as warranty issues arose along with my stupid questions was there to support me after the sale. Then it’s up to the rest of the crew to really get things done. Rachyll has been my day today communication and her timeliness and responsiveness is exceptional and knows what I’m thinking before I even ask! She even seems to know where everything is at all times. All these reasons are reason enough to purchase your next boat from Irwin.

J. Smith 16/11/2022

Dear Bill, I have been meaning to write this email for a long time. I want to thank you for all of your help in getting us the 2000 Sea Ray 230 from the Kramers at the beginning of the summer. From the initial meeting and negotiation to the final delivery of the boat to Belgrade, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the services you provided to us. We thoroughly enjoyed it all season and were able to entertain all of our friends and family very easily. The layout of the boat is just what I was looking for. I couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase of the boat from Irwin Marine. I have attached a couple of pictures for you. Thank you again for all of your help.

Steve W 16/11/2022

Jason, Donna and I hope that you have an enjoyable Columbus Day (Indigenous Peoples Day) and the most enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends ever (albeit social distancing of course). Sadly, another boating season has come and gone and the 2020 season is over. This is a year we will all remember and speak about decades from now. It will be our “walking to school in the snow uphill both ways”. Although we normally keep the boat until mid-October, the lake levels being so low and with all the craziness, why tempt fate. We both want to thank you and the entire service team for being so helpful, supportive and as always with their “can do” attitude……………it is much appreciated and welcomed………… Bill Irwin is so fortunate to have a leader such as yourself with a service team that focuses on a customer centric service process that is truly the best. The team members are rock stars. Again thanks………..the season is over….but we are already thinking of 2021……..the craziness over, lake levels higher and a spectacular season. Stay warm and we hope you have the happiest of the upcoming holiday season. Ray & Donna England

Ray & Donna England 16/11/2022

Earlier this year I had posted about a challenging experience with a New boat. It’s been a long process, however wanted to follow up. The folks at Irwin marine have definitely stepped up and helped us. The folks in service have worked with us correcting issues, while Bruce, Bill and Jason W. worked hard to get our situation remedied in a very satisfactory manner. We were ready to walk away- and given the current situation, I doubt it would have made an ounce of a difference at the marina. With wait lists on slips and boats flying off the showroom floor – they easily could have ignored us, but instead stepped up and took care of us. The season was a bit touch and go to start- but we ended up doing a lot of hours and having a blast in the lake- definitely wouldn’t have been a summer to miss out. — at Irwin Marine

JT Gump 16/11/2022

Everyone I have had dealings with in the dealership are all in on providing a great customer service. You don’t see that type of service anymore. I would and do recommend your dealer ship to all my friends.

Bob Morse 16/11/2022

I am writing today to extend my sincere thanks to your Laconia service team for some recent repairs required on our SeaRay 340. My wife and I have recently become lake boaters after a lifetime of ocean boating in the Boston area. We have relocated our 340 Sundancer to the MVYC facility and have been getting to know the lake this year. Unfortunately, we have become a little too familiar with some of the rocky areas of the lake and suffered significant damage to the running gear on our vessel. Damage was extensive and we were in fear that we would lose the rest of this already shortened boating season. After hauling the boat on a Sunday morning at MVYC we quickly discovered that the extent of the damage was beyond the capabilities of the team at our marina. I asked Dan Littlefield who “the very best marine mechanics” in the area were and he immediately told me that this was a job for the Laconia service team. My wife paid a frantic visit to the office at Mountain view and spoke with Stephanie Mobbs who helped us make quick contact with Jason Marceau. We went to see Jason personally and explain our situation. Within hours our boat was being attended to. I have been boatng for over 45 years and have had lots of experience with various marinas and service staff. Based on that experience I can state unequivocally that Jason has made this event as painless and efficient as I have ever experienced. The expeditous repair work, transparent continuous communication and calming nature of Jason’s demeanor were truly remarkable. As an organization I feel Irwin is truly fortunate to have have such a talented, honest and diligent person managing your main service facility. Folks like Jason, Stephanie and Dan can only further inhance Irwin’s reputation and we feel extremely lucky to have had these folks available to turn our disaster around in short order. We are back on the water as of last evening and very happy to be able to have some time left enjoying the lake during this difficult period for everyone. We did not have the pleasure of meeting the repair folks who actually performed the repairs however based on the results, we would have to guess that they are a very talented group as well. I hope that someone can pass along our sincere thanks for all their efforts. It has been my experience that folks who lack integrity never prosper in the marine industry. After this experience I understand why Irwin has been around for 100 plus years! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this event and congratulations on having such a great Team. All the best, Paul Doherty 2007 Searay 340

Paul Doherty 16/11/2022

Last weekend we headed up to Lake Winnipesaukee from out-of-state with our 2019 Stingray, only to find out that our shift was not working properly. When we put it in neutral, the boat was going in reverse. Since we knew this was dangerous, we first thought we would be heading back home to our local dealership to have it fixed and would have to forfeit our vacation (NOT HAPPY AT ALL). We decided to take a chance and contact Irwin Marine Laconia on the lake to see if one of their mechanics could take a look at our boat and hopefully solve the problem. Since we did not purchase our boat from Irwin, we were skeptical as to whether or not they would be willing to help or even take a few minutes to check it out. Since we LOVE the lake so much and visit quite often, we headed straight to Irwin and pulled into their service dock. My husband spoke to Jason Marceau (service manager) and explained our situation. To our surprise, Jason immediately had one of his mechanics (Dana) come aboard and check it out. After about an hour and half, Dana had resolved the issue, and not only fixed the shift, but INSISTED on taking it for a test drive with my husband. Both Jason and Dana went above and beyond taking care of BOATERS from out-of-state. Had they not been willing to help us, our vacation would have ended that day!

Joyce and Mike Falls 16/11/2022

I just returned from vacation on Saturday after renting a boat slip in your Alton Bay location. I just want to express what a great experience I had with your staff. Doug graciously greeted me, even though he was with a customer at the time, and helped get the process going. John took over and helped me and my brother get my boat in the water in no time. The boat dock location was perfect! We had the same exceptional experience when we went to pull the boat. Despite some windy conditions and an aging trailer, John had us out and ready to go in just a few minutes. He even refused our offer of a tip. Doug returned and asked how our week was. You have such a gracious and helpful staff, and I will definitely refer you to anyone looking for service, sales, or storage. Thanks once again.

Don Chemini 16/11/2022

We reserved a boat for a day, but had to change to a half a day rental. Both the people we dealt with were more than pleasant and despite being busy. Took the time to explain the operation, navigation destinations with us. Watched them helping customers with parts. Same thing, they took the time to explain the details. Rare in this day and age.

Joe Bower 16/11/2022